Why You Need BioGreen Solutions

why-you-needBioGreen Solutions is the only company in the United States to offer a complete set of services specifically designed to detect, eliminate and provide unique post-treatment solutions for bedbugs.

Proactive Detection

How extensive is the damage to a company discovered to have bedbugs in a retail or hotel setting?  What happens to a brand that lands on the front page of the New York Times as a result?  BioGreen Solutions proactive canine detection services assists businesses in detecting problems before your customer, avoiding unwanted negative publicity and the accompanying brand and bottom line damage.

BioGreen Solutions employs bedbug detection dogs trained by Bill Whitson of the Florida Canine Academy, to radically decrease inspection times and maximize accuracy.  A dog’s nose can accomplish in minutes what can take a human hours to visually inspect.  In addition, dogs are 98-99% accurate in detecting bedbugs, far exceeding the accuracy of traditional inspections – minimizing costs and providing greater peace of mind.

Thermal Remediation

BioGreen Solutions is a pioneer and industry leader in thermal bedbug remediation across 17 states.  Utilizing industrial heaters, fans and electronic monitoring equipment, we raise the temperature of a room to 130 degrees+, efficiently dehydrating and killing bedbugs and their eggs.  By employing this revolutionary green method, our customers are able to save their mattress, furniture, time and money, without using ineffective harsh, toxic chemicals with fumes and harmful residues.

Post Treatment Fogging

During the thermal remediation process, high temperatures may cause some forms of bacteria and odor to blossom – a fact no other thermal remediation company is addressing. Utilizing EPA registered disinfectants effective against a broad-spectrum of bacteria, virus, mycotoxins and their accompanying odors, the BioGreen Solutions proprietary process treats the air and exposed surfaces, leaving your facility bacteria and odor free. Our program exclusively uses products that are biodegradable, non-toxic, non-corrosive, will not harm electronics and are NSF certified for use “in and around food processing areas,” with no rinse required.  In short – a human and eco-friendly process.

Why BioGreen Solutions?

You take pride in maintaining a clean, bedbug free facility and always take the steps necessary to proactively meet or exceed all standards with regard to thorough inspection practices.  However, even in today’s most spotless and regularly inspected environments, bedbugs are infiltrating businesses at an alarming rate, causing public relations nightmares that threaten to damage your bottom line.  A regularly scheduled canine inspection and subsequent treatments as needed, will reduce the risk these threats present to your customers and your business.