Healthy Offices

Even in the most spotless offices, there are areas that regular cleaning does not and cannot touch. Our affordable dry-mist treatment will complement your current cleaning efforts by treating the air and exposed surfaces of your office where bacteria, viruses, mold, and offensive odors reside. Our treatment improves indoor air quality and reduces the risks that these unseen contaminants present for you and your employees, while leaving your office with a clean, fresh scent. The BioGreen USA Healthy Office treatment utilizes EPA-registered disinfectants with 100% green attributes. They have no harmful VOCs and are biodegradable, non-toxic and non-corrosive, so they will not harm electronics or fabrics. Our treatments are also NSF-certified for use “in and around food processing areas” – e.g., your cafeteria – with no rinse required.

Let BioGreen USA provide you with the added level of protection and peace of mind that you and your employees deserve.