About Us

about-usBioGreen USA is a pioneer in the proactive decontamination business. We started BioGreen in 2009 just after the housing market crash when there was a tremendous number of houses that were left bank owned and abandoned. After the power was shut off in homes, mold and other pathogens started growing. It was apparent that a more effective process was needed to eliminate these harmful bacteria in homes prior to the remediators entering to reconstruct them. After the remediation was complete, we would once more decontaminate the home to insure the house passed indoor air quality and mold tests. This provided a safe environment prior to putting the home back on the market. This started us on the path of proactive decontamination. The equipment and chemicals have changed over the years, but the mission remains the same. Making every workplace and home a safe and healthier space to live, work and play!

BioGreen USA is also a cofounder of the (PICM) Proactive Indoor Contaminate Management™ industry. BioGreen USA leads the way in providing efficient and affordable solutions to proactively help safeguard against a broad spectrum of bacteria, viruses, mycotoxins, and their accompanying odors.

(PICM) Proactive Indoor Contaminate Management™ Industry

Utilizing EPA registered disinfectants effective against a broad-spectrum of bacteria, virus, mycotoxins and their accompanying odors, the BioGreen USA proprietary process treats the air and exposed surfaces, leaving your facility bacteria and odor free. Our program exclusively uses products that are biodegradable, non-toxic, non-corrosive, will not harm electronics and are NSF certified for use “in and around food processing areas,” with no rinse required.  In short – a human and eco-friendly process.