Antimicrobial Covershield

What is Covershield

Covershield can be applied to all interior and exterior surfaces, excluding food-grade surfaces. It is a colorless, odorless, invisible shield that creates a surface with durable antimicrobial activity. This antimicrobial activity prevents the growth of bacteria, mold, and algae for as long as the surface is not damaged.

Common area counters, tables and touch points that are cleaned regularly would need to be treated every 60 to 90 days whereas desks, chairs, walls, doors that are not cleaned as regularly may only have to be treated annually. This makes for a very effective proactive risk reduction program.

How Covershield Works

Covershield imparts a durable growth-inhibiting coating a wide variety of surfaces. It forms a positively charged layer that molecularly bonds to the treated surface. When a microorganism comes in contact with this layer, the active agent punctures the cell membrane and the electrical charge shocks the cell physically destroying it. Covershield is safe and harmless to people, pets and the environment.

Covershield vs. Conventional Chemical Cleaners

Conventional chemical cleaners are short lived, require frequent use and offer no long-term prevention or protection against new microbes from once again forming on the surface. Covershield is an application that provides surface protection which creates an inhospitable surface environment that inhibits the growth of microbes. Additionally, Covershield does not create adaptive organisms, or “superbugs”, migrate from treated surface, transfer onto the skin or dissipate over time.

Covershield Protects a Multitude of Surfaces

Bacteria and viruses can live on surfaces we handle every day. These contaminants can exist for weeks or even months. Contaminated surfaces can accumulate a heavy “bio load”- a concentration of microorganisms- without even appearing dirty. Even freshly disinfected surfaces are subject to recontamination within moments, meaning they are “clean” for a very brief period of time, at best. These germs are invisible, meaning you can never be sure they have been eliminated. Protect yourself and your surroundings by using our extremely long-lasting Covershield treatment.

Covershield is approved for:

• Furniture
• Fiberglass
• Restrooms
• Countertops
• Wood
• Kitchens
• Floorcovering
• Stone
• Toys
• Doors
• Electronics
• Much More
• Plastics
• Hospital Bedding