What We Do

bedbug-what-we-doRather than using chemical pesticides, BioGreen Thermal Solutions kills bedbugs by raising the temperature of the rooms being treated to over 120 degrees Fahrenheit. While this is completely safe for your residence, it quickly kills all bedbugs and their eggs.

BioGreen Thermal Solutions uses industrial electric heaters and convection fans to heat the infected spaces. The heating happens quickly so that the bugs have no time to escape, and the temperature is maintained until every one of them is dead.

BioGreen Thermal Solutions is the easy, safe and environmentally-friendly way to treat bedbug infestations.

Step 1: Electric fans and heaters raise the temperature to 138°F

BioGreen Solutions uses specialized equipment for quick and effective pest removal.

Step 2: Bedbugs and their eggs die quickly; no chemicals, no fumes, no residue

Safety is an important factor for us at BioGreen Solutions. We offer a completely chemical-free alternative for bedbug control. Click HERE to learn more.

Step 3: Keep your mattress and furniture and avoid repeat visits

One visit, one treatment; we can eliminate your bedbug infestation without sacrificing your mattress and other furniture. Click HERE to learn more.